Dry Steam cleaning



Dry Steam cleaning service without chemicals.

With the force of steam alone the Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0 removes grease, cleans, sanitises and gets rid of dust mites and allergens, giving health benefits to asthma and allergy sufferers.

The steam is generated inside a special high-pressure 2000W boiler and is dry and powerful, leaving your house perfectly clean.

The Eco Pro 3.0 steam cleaner has a powerful 2000W motor and delivers dry steam at 120°, the temperature at which the steam will deep clean and de-grease your home, getting rid of dust mites and allergens. Bacteria, germs, fungi and pet allergens will not survive this level of deep steam cleaning.

With the power of this steam alone, as only water is used in the process, the Eco Pro 3.00 will sanitise every room in your home without contact with chemical cleaning products or their fumes, giving real health benefits to those with asthma and allergies.

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